Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 CSocketSocket implements most of the interfaces required for sockets. Socket is a pure virtual class; it should never be instantiated directly, but it provides common functionality for derived classes
 CTCPListenerTCPListener: a TCP server socket The TCPListener listens for incoming connections. Prior to listening, the TCPListener must be bound to a port and, optionally, an address
 CM2MInterfaceImplM2MInterfaceImpl. This class implements handling of all mbed Client Interface operations defined in OMA LWM2M specifications. This includes Bootstrapping, Client Registration, Device Management & Service Enablement and Information Reporting
 CM2MNsdlInterfaceM2MNsdlInterface Class which interacts between mbed Client C++ Library and mbed-client-c library
 CM2MNsdlObserverObserver class for informing NSDL callback to the state machine
 CM2MReportHandlerM2MReportHandler. This class is handles all the observation related operations
 CM2MTLVDeserializerM2MTLVDeserializer TLV Deserialiser get the object instances and resources as binary data and builds the lwm2m representation from it. See OMA-LWM2M specification, chapter 6.1 for the resource model and chapter 6.3.3 for the OMA-TLV specification
 CM2MTLVSerializerM2MTLVSerializer TLV Serialiser constructs the binary representation of object instances, resources and resource instances (see OMA-LWM2M specification, chapter 6.1 for resource model) as OMA-TLV according described in chapter 6.3.3