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Managing tasks

The task management APIs handle creation and destruction of threads in mbed OS 5, as well as mechanisms for safe interthread communication. Threads are a core component of mbed OS 5 (even your main function starts in a thread of its own), so understanding how to work with them is an important part of developing applications for mbed OS 5. Pay particular attention to the interrupt service routines section, which contains important information about how the task management APIs can be used from an interrupt handler.

  • RTOS: The CMSIS-RTOS core.
  • Event Loop: The queue to store events, extract them and excute them later.
  • Ticker: Set up a recurring interrupt.
  • Time: The C date and time functions.
  • Timeout: Raise interrupt after certain time.
  • Timer: Measuring small times.
  • Wait: NOP-type wait capabilities.