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Introduction to the mbed OS 5 Handbook

Welcome to the mbed OS 5 handbook.

If you’re an experienced mbed applications developer, you might want to dive straight into the API References, or take a look at our development tools documentation.

If you’re new to all this, continue reading.

What do you do with mbed OS?

mbed OS lets you write applications that run on embedded devices, by providing the layer that interprets your application’s code in a way the hardware can understand.

Your application code - written in C++ - uses the application programing interfaces (APIs) presented by mbed OS to receive information from the hardware and send instructions to it. This means that a lot of the challenges in getting started with microcontrollers or integrating large amounts of software is already taken care of.

Where to start

The easiest way to work with mbed OS is using one of our development tools. We’ve set up an example, Blinky, that you can try on each of the tools.

Development tools

How to continue

When you’ve tried our example and picked your work environment, it’s time to learn how mbed OS and its tools enable the features your application needs: