mbed Client Known Issues

About this document

This is the list of known issues for the 16.03 release of mbed Client.

We publish mbed Client as a collection of modules on GitHub. Issues are raised in the specific repositories and then tracked internally.

The purpose of this document is to provide a single view of the outstanding key issues that have not been addressed for this release. As such it is a filtered and reviewed list based on priority and potential impact. Each item summarises the problem and includes any known workarounds, along with a link to the GitHub issue (if applicable). We welcome any comments or proposed solutions.

For more information about an issue, contact us on the forums.

Additional information

For further information regarding this release please refer to the release notes referenced above.

Known issues

mbed Client API does not support float data type

  • Description: mbed Client API doesn’t work correctly with float data type, as it is disabled in the FRDM target configuration.
  • Workaround: No workaround at the moment. There will be a fix for target-mbed-gcc soon, which will enable float data type usage.
  • Reported Issue: ARM internal reference IOTCLT-649
  • Priority: Critical

mbed-trace module has a missing test dependency on Linux and Windows build targets.

  • Description: The mbed-trace library has a test-dependency on cpputest, which is not yet available in the yotta registry. Since you can’t download this dependency, “yt test” for mbed-trace will fail.
  • Workaround: No workaround available.
  • Reported Issue: ARM internal reference IOTCLT-650
  • Priority: Critical

mbed Client API may not be fully interoperable with other LWM2M servers.

  • Description: mbed Client API is OMA LWM2M compatible. However, some features may not be fully interoperable against other open source LWM2M servers.
  • Workaround: mbed Client is compatible with mbed Device Connector Service, which can be tested at https://connector.mbed.com.
  • Reported Issue: ARM internal reference IOTCLT-366
  • Priority: Major

mbed Client example application may drop off from Connector if kept running for a long duration.

  • Description: mbed Client example application sometimes drops off from Connector after a few hours. This may happen when mbed Client is kept running for long durations (over 24 hours) - it occasionally goes offline due to unstable network conditions, and doesn’t send periodic updates to Connector.
  • Workaround: Set the periodic lifetime value to less than 15 minutes if you want to run stability tests. Also, implement a network error handling mechanism on the application side, to handle error() callbacks received from the mbed-client library.
  • Reported Issue: https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-client-examples/issues/52
  • Priority: Major